Macabre…ish Horror Review: Three



Three aka Going Home, 2002/ 2 hrs


Korean: 쓰리, Thai: อารมณ์ อาถรรพณ์ อาฆาต, Chinese: 三更


Memories, directed by Kim Jee-woon (Korea) audio in Korean


•A man’s (Jeong Bo-seok) wife (Kim Hye-soo) disappears and he’s suffering some kind of memory loss and because of that he sees a therapist. Meanwhile his wife wakes up in the middle of the street, at first she also has no memory but as she recovers them, she travels toward home. On her way, no one acknowledges her, it’s as if she’s invisible. Her husband on the other hand is having terrible nightmares of her mutilating herself. They both finally realize what it all means.



The Wheel, directed by Nonzee Nimibutr (Thailand) audio in Thai


.•A man, Master Tao (Komgrich Yuttiyong), lies in his bed, dying, after killing his family. He’s also a puppet master and he’s terrified of being cursed and his puppets exacting revenge on him. After he dies in a house fire, his rival, Master Tong (Pongsanart Vinsiri), sees an opportunity to increase his own status with Tao’s puppets. This turns out to be a mistake as members of his troupe meet their demise, until his own untimely death.


Going Home, directed by Peter Chan (Hong Kong) audio in Cantonese and Mandarin


•A widowed cop, Chan Kwok-wai (Eric Tsang) and his son, Cheung (Li Ting-Fung), move to an aging apartment, they have a neighbor, Yu (Leon Lai), who cares for his paralyzed wife, Hai’er (Eugenia Yuan) and daughter (Lau Tsz-Wing). His daughter creeps him out at first but she and Cheung become fast friends. Later, Chan mistakenly thinks Yu has kidnapped his son. So he breaks in and is knocked unconscious and when Chan wakes up, he is told that Yu will let him leave after 3 days. When his wife wakes up. This place is not quite what it seems and neither are it’s residents.