Macabre...ish Horror Movie Review: Ticks


Ticks, 1993/ 1 hr 25 min.


Some troubled kids plus one who’s just afraid of woods, Tyler (Seth Green) are shipped off to a wilderness camp just in time for local drug dealer, Jarvis (Clint Howard) to screw up the local ecosystem.

Jarvis got the great idea to use steroids to enhance his cannabis crop and the run off from his grow, mutates the area’s ticks. They quickly grow grotesquely pulsating egg sacks that spawn monster ticks from palm to plate size and they reproduce fast!

These ticks are aggressive and they don’t just suck blood, they burrow inside their host and the entire body is not necessary, just the head will do. And if there’s enough room, entire ticks will breed. And the very unlucky few will spawn massive, human sized insect monsters and all that’s required is one tick head, sans body.

The campers attempt to escape this horrific tick infestation by a raging forest fire and another local infamous cannabis grower.

Also in this movie is Alfonso Ribeiro, Rance Howard and Barry Linch. The physical effects are good and often disgusting. The pace of the movie is pretty fast and not a lot of story but this flick is about the bugs and gore.