Macabre...ish Horror Review: Timecrimes



Timecrimes (Los Cronocrímenes) 2007/ 1 hr 32 min



Hector and Clara are renovating their home in the Spanish countryside, while scanning the area with binoculars, Hector spots a woman sunning topless. Later, investigates the area and finds that same woman, naked on the ground unconscious. He is then attacked by a man wearing pink bandages on his face.


Hector runs away and escapes into a nearby building, some kind of lab, and contacts a scientist by radio and informs him of the situation. He is told to hide and he takes refuge inside a mechanical device but when he leaves it, he finds he’s traveled an hour back in time. Hector’s told by the scientist that it’s an experimental time machine He says, he’ll fix everything if Hector promises not to kill anyone. He’s given strict instructions just stay put and let events play out.


And of course he doesn’t. He does exactly nothing he is told, quite the opposite, actually. He get’s himself into a series of events where he ends up being the cause of this entire bizarre situation. And when realizes, too late, he interferes further then tried to fix it, meanwhile making it worse. He manages to become a victim, instigator and perpetrator, all at once in this trippy sci-fi thriller.


There is some nudity and violence but mostly some seriously bizarre hijinks by a nosy man who does not listen or do what he’s told. Then tries to fix everything with one bad, violent or dumb decision after another. In the end, it gets so bad that in the end, the only option is to what he was told to begin with. This character strikes me as a Mr. Magoo/Mr. Monk/Mr. Bean amalgam. It’s pretty entertaining.


This is a Spanish language movie with English voice over. Interesting, well made movie. Also there are only about 5 people in this movie and it’s pretty good but you have to pay attention, it’s pretty easy to get lost if you don’t.