Macabre…ish Horror Review: Tooth Fairy Queen of Pain



Tooth Fairy Queen of Pain, 2022/ 1 hr 30 min.



A little girl loses a loose tooth in an apple and just as it happens, a terrifying face pops up in the window behind her. Then someone starts knocking on the door and she announces that she has come to collect. She uses a few different ruses to be let in and finally says the mother’s child has beautiful teeth.


When the mother goes down the hall to tell her daughter to hide, the person sneaks in and hacks the mother’s face in, her teeth scatter across the floor.


Then the ‘tooth fairy’ goes for the child who’s under her bed and on the phone with emergency. Sirens and lights soon follow.



Some teachers, Sammy (Paula Coiz), Kim, Neil (Genna Loskutnikov), Jeff and Ellen (Giedre Jakyte), take a group of children on a field trip to the mountains and before they arrive there’s a news report of a patient who escaped an asylum. This patient was known for collecting her victim’s teeth after murdering them. She calls herself the tooth fairy (Samantha Cull).


After settling in for a few days, the woman turns up, knocking at the door and peering through the windows. Once again she claims she works for a children’s charity. Later, she returns and let’s herself in. She claims someone down the road told her there was a power outage and she wants to use the phone.


By the way, this woman’s face is terrifying. Her head is huge and she has a giant mouth that spreads overly large across her face like a toothy gash. Her eyes are like two bullet holes shot out of thick tanned leather hide. She is also relentless. Continuing to knock on doors after being turned away. Eventually she call the house phone when her knocks go unanswered. She calls from inside the house.


Meanwhile, all the other teachers are out having a good time.  Finally, two teachers arrive while she’s there, upon being approached, he, Jeff (Marcus Massey) can’t see that something is wrong with her until after she starts beating his face in. She collects his teeth and goes after the other teacher, Kim (Julia Quayle). Using the claw on her hammer, the tooth fairy, wrenches out her teeth.


When the other teachers return later, they find out for themselves what’s going on and it’s going to, at a minimum, cost them their teeth.



This British indie horror was directed by Louise Warren. It’s a low budget horror with some very eerie elements, watching this movie made me super uncomfortable, despite the fact that the victims had almost no self preservation and the violent scenes and sound effects, not being strong. The actor who played the tooth fairy played creepy extremely well. The mask is disturbing and the choice to keep her obscured for much of the movie made it eerier. It’s not too graphic or gory and even when it’s bloody, there’s very little blood. It reminds me of those old late night horror films.