Macabre...ish Horror Review: Tourist Trap



Tourist Trap, 1979/ 1 hr 30 min.



Some stranded teens suffer a blow out and one of them finds a fuel station but it seems to be empty. He looks around and ends up trapped inside and bunch of crazy stuff happens while he’s trapped. Weird mannequins come out and terrorize him, windows and doors open and close by themselves and he’s pelted with random items in the room, all while he’s stuck in a wall.


His friends go searching for him in the jeep and drive down a road that’s closed to the public and this car breaks down. They are offered help by a seemingly friendly stranger, who gives them a ride to a now defunct museum, The Slausen Museum, a former tourist trap, run out of business by a highway.


The museum is still full of mannequins and the girls, Eileen, Molly and Becky, are left there while Mr. Slausen and Jerry return to work on the jeep. They are warned to stay in the museum and not wander but of course they don’t listen. And they’ll regret it because something is up with these mannequins.


When they find out what’s going on, it’s way too late. And they’re in the middle of nowhere with 2 broken down vehicles.


This movie is creepy, very little blood and no gore. The physical effects are weird and really add to the eeriness in this movie. There are some jump scares and the house, cinematography and mannequin costuming reminds me of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a slight Gunsmoke feel but with magic lol. The pacing isn’t great, I got bored from time to time then it would catch my interest again.