Macabre...ish Horror Review: Train To Busan



Train to Busan, 2016/ 1 hr 57 min



During a hectic work day and with something going on in the area.

A distant father, Seok-Woo, estranged from his wife, grudgingly agrees to take his daughter, Su-An, to Busan for her birthday, to be with her mother.


On the train, daughter sees people on the platform being attacked and a sick person slips onto the train. Meanwhile, markets are crashing, people are rioting, the military is deployed and the dead are coming back to life.


And an outbreak is spreading quickly through the train. People are changing seconds after being bitten and these are fast zombies. The outbreak is so bad that the train will not be stopping. So the people on the train are trapped and on their own until Daejeon Station where the military supposedly have the place secured. Seok-Woo gets intel on the situation and a pathway out.


Unfortunately, when the train passengers finally meet with the soldiers, it’s the worst possible outcome. Seok-Wook ends up teaming up with and unlikely ally, Sang-Hwa. And little by little they discover the zombies’ weaknesses.


These zombies are fast World War Z zombies. The makeup is ok but the zombie acting is much better. There are also some great visual effects. I like that they had all kinds of people and they all were realistically fighting for their, teens, pregnant lady, homeless man, the elderly and a zombie dear! Very nice Korean zombie flick.


Thanks @chocolategazelle for mentioning it during the podcast!! It was good to see it again.


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