Macabre...ish Horror Review: Tremors


Tremors, 1990/ 96 min.



High in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is am isolated town called Perfection, this former mining settlement and 2 of it’s residents, handymen, Val (Kevin Bacon) and Earl (Fred Ward), are sick of the place and are picking up to move down the road to Bixby. But before they leave they find a dead body, Edgar, dead on top of an electrical tower, still gripping his rifle. Edgar died of dehydration.


Then later something kills an entire flock of sheep, Old Fred’s flock! Including Fred. They find his head on the ground under his hat. It’s almost like he was sucked into the Earth. Scared, Val and Earl go to warn everyone, those who ignore the warning die.


Why riding to warn all the locals, they find a piece of the creature attached to their truck. And more tragedy when they find an entire station wagon buried in the ground, with lights and radio still on.


Back at the general store they get their first look at it. What they thought was it’s head was a series of tongues belonging to a giant, blind worm. It travels through the Earth by sound waves and anyone on the ground is not safe.


Fun movie! Good pace, good effects and monster. It’s a little graphic and gory.