Macabre…ish Horror Review: Tremors: Shrieker Island



Tremors: Shrieker Island, 2020/ 103 min.


It’s gonna be a good vacation for some of tech industries’ finest who hope to take home a monster trophy from this exclusive island, with expensive booze and nearly impossible to kill super predators.


And for a trophy hunt they go out as a group with some professionals, weapons, special k and bait for an over the top game of shooting fish in a barrel. They’re paying a fortune for the chance to hang a genetically altered monster’s head from their office walls.


Unfortunately, for them though, these subterranean prehistoric creatures are evolving into another kind of monster, the shrieker. And they have not just evolved physically but behaviorally. The shriekers have a new weapon plus they are pack hunters. But wait, there’s more, a graboid has escaped the island and crossed the ocean to another island and it’s eaten an 11,000 lb elephant and it is much larger than any graboid has ever been.


And not even the most seasoned hunters leading this expedition, can save them. Now every man, woman and vanity trophy hunter for themselves. The only thing to do now is search for one of the few people alive who has experienced these creatures and killed them. Luckily, he’s on a nearby island and he’s totally uninterested.


On top of that, the man, Bill (Richard Brake) who put this hunt together and owns the company that altered their DNA has committed a possible crime and ecological disaster by breeding graboids and releasing them onto a tropical island, home to less than 1000 indigenous people.


Bill and his team are using force to refuse to shut down this hunting park. He’s also disabled to coms so that no help can be called or alarm raised, he’s refusing to see the problem and he may be actually insane.



This was fun and has a good cast, including Jon Heder, Jackie Cruz, Cassie Claire and Michael Gross. Effects, including monster effects are pretty good.

Not as gory as expected, mostly monster gore and good attack scenes! The pacing and story are pretty good. And the monster upgrades are nice! Sad but well done ending.