Macabre…ish Horror Review: Triggered

Triggered, 2020/ 1 hr 34 min



Nine friends out having an already disastrous camping trip, do it in the worst possible place, there’s a man in the woods, gassing, tying people up and attaching explosives to people.


And they know who he is. One of them ruined his life and he is going to teach them all a lesson. They are going to find out how good a friend they all are to each other. Tonight they are going to learn how it feels to lose people they care about.


The vests are impossible to remove. Everyone’s vest has a timer and each timer has a different time keyed into it, the person with the longest time will live. And they are counting down. There is one way to get more time, some have to die so others can live. They will soon start to turn on each other.


But they aren’t the only ones out there and time’s wasting. They do find out that one of them is actually a murderer, amongst other unfortunate truths that make killing each other much easier.


The concept of this movie is good but the characters and pacing are maddening. Lots of not doing anything until it was almost too late. This is very graphic and gory and has some adult scenes. There is a ton of dialogue, a lot of it doesn’t progress the story and it seemed like filler. The fight scenes and the last quarter are pretty good though.