Macabre…ish Horror Review: Truck

Truck, 2008/ 1 hr 36 min.

A single dad, Jeong Cheol-Min (Yoo Hae-Chin) is desperate, his 7 year old daughter suddenly falls ill and he needs to come up with $60,000 quickly for her heart transplant. He empties his account, takes out a huge loan and hits the gambling tables in an act of desperation. He puts it all on the table, including his truck, that he uses as a delivery.

After the game, he happens upon a grisly scene, a butcher hard at work in another room of the establishment. So a deal is made with him, if he uses his truck to relocate and dispose of the remains, they will forget his losses, he keeps his truck and gets the money for his daughter’s operation. He agrees to do it.

But it is a nerve wracking nightmare, first traffic, then his truck begins to leak blood, check points, then he picks up a cop, Kim Yeong-Ho (Jin Goo), who’s been injured while transporting a serial killer, who has escaped.

And it just keeps getting worse. Cheol-Min can’t catch a break, so many people who crosses his path are killed. It’s a long night of being forced to do terrible things that he never would have done on his own.

There are so many twists in this movie. So many unexpected moments that both kept me hooked and stressed out. Good pacing and cinematography, some blood and gore but nothing over the top. Also, note that when you search this title, 24 Hours to Live comes up and if you click Watch Movie it directs you to a movie that is not this one. Make sure it’s a Korean movie.