Macabre...ish Horror Review: Truth or Dare




This 2017 Syfy original, Truth or Dare (/ 88 min.) is about a deadly game of Truth or Dare, the movie begins with person who dies while playing the game, when he was dared to jump off of a roof and he slipped and fell to his death and a girl is forced to pour acid over her head.





Flash ahead to eight friends who rent a house for a pre-Halloween gathering and one of them, Carter, tells them the house is haunted and 7 teens died, playing the game, in 1983. He persuades them to play the game.





Tyler is dared to touch a hot stove, when he tries to quit the game, a high chair moves on it's own and knocks him onto the stove, where he severely sears his hand.


They are warned, by a ragged old floor model tv, that they have 48 hours to complete the game, which has 3 rounds. The friends try to leave but the house traps them in, sealing it's shut. Once the first round is over, the house let's them leave.





On with the game, Jessie is dared to eat Tyler's burnt skin off the stove. Another is dared to grab exposed live wires and another lies after being asked if she's an addict. She tries to leave, once again, and she's killed.


After finally leaving the house, the police do not believe the friends. A ghost appears and dares Addison to kill hang himself. The game continues and they will play or die.





Meanwhile upon researching the history of the haunted house, Alex finds Donna (Heather Langencamp) the survivor of the original game in 1983.



If you don’t quite recognize her... about now?!


She tells them that they must finish the game in the house, to have any hope of survival and that the entity is a demon that feeds on fear and pain and steals it's victims souls.


The game continues with the robbing of a gas station, drinking poison, pulling out teeth with pliers, running over body parts with a vehicle, some gets eaten by roaches, removing body parts etc.





Until they notice a pattern and a possible end to the game. If they can just get through it, maybe they'll survive to the end.





This really reminds me of Nightmare On Elm St. and I'm kind of into that. And then I saw Heather Langencamp!!!

And if you judge by the beginning, it doesn't seem like much but it gets better. It is bloody, gory and graphic but not 'Saw graphic'. The cgi and effects aren't but gets the job done. The actors do a good job making it 'real'.


Annnd if you’re in the mood for more Truth or Dare and Truth or Die.