Macabre...ish Horror Review: Truth or Dare



Truth or Dare, 2018/ 100 min.





University students go on a trip to Mexico and while there, play a seemingly harmless game of Truth or Dare but the game ends when they are informed that this game is different and must be taken seriously or the penalty is death.





Back at school Olivia receives a signal, in the form of hallucinations, that it's her turn and she chooses truth and is challenged to tell her best friend's deepest secret.





Meanwhile, at a bar Olivia learns that one of the friends died when it was his turn and he refused to take it seriously. Olivia gathers the rest of the friends to impress upon them that the game is real. Then the game continues, one of them is forced to break another's hand. One has to reveal to his dad that he's gay.


When Tyson chooses Truth but then lies and dies as a result. It is then revealed that 2 Games is actually going on at once and 2 of them are survivors of another game and Carter was dared to involve more players.


The game is seriously spiraling out of control with many people dying, people being accused of murder and a desperate search to find the origin of the game and stop it before everyone dies. Will a seemingly genius last dare save them or will we discover the terrible truth of the game? And in a final act of desperation, we are either all doomed or saved. Is there a difference??


This movie is intense and just keeps amping up the whole way through. Very like final destination, graphic but not as brutal also, I wish they would’ve made the smiles even more grotesque, taken them further somehow. There are adult scenes, suicides and bleak moments. 

It’s all messed up and I couldn’t decide if I liked this movie or not. I think it’s another that I love to hate. I wish they would have gone more grotesque or scarier with the smiles. Also, I did enjoy this concept, it is not the typical Truth or Dare trope!


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