Macabre...ish Horror Review: Turbo Kid



Turbo Kid, 2015/ 1 hr 35 min


A kid (Munro Chambers) travels and scavenged the post apocalyptic world on his bicycle, listening to music on cassette tapes. He collects everything a kid would and comic books...things from before the world ended. He also collects things to trade, including the naked rats his traps capture.

He meets a quirky, hyper girl named Apple (Laurence Laboeuf), who talks to a corpse, she quickly straps a tracking bracelet to his wrist. She enters his little cave and invites herself into his life. She’s super playful, childlike and she lives in her fantasies. There is something about Apple.

She’s kidnapped and he runs away, he falls into an aircraft’s hull and finds the skeletonize pilot and a video playing a message of last hope. The kids puts on the pilot’s suit, takes his weapon and goes looking for Apple.

Meanwhile there is Frederick (Aaron Jeffery) who was searching for his brother before his crew is killed and he’s taken by the same group who took his brother. It is led by a man who calls himself Zeus (Michael Ironside) and he entertains himself and his followers will arena style fighting. He forces his captives to fight and those his lose are ground up and all the water is extracted from their bodies. 

This movie like a cheap Mad Max movie but it is extremely graphic and gory. The physical effects are good! The movie is ridiculous, almost comical and if not for all the violence and death, it would feel like a power ranger’s movie. I got into this kooky movie!