Macabre...ish Horror Review: Turistas



Turistas aka Turistas Go Home, in UK and Ireland as Paradise Lost, 2006/ 93 min.



Three American tourists, Alex (Josh Duhamel) his sister Bea (Olivia Wilde) and Amy (Beau Garrett), backpack in Brazil and after their bus topples off of a cliff, leaving everyone stranded, they and two Englishmen, Finn (Desmond Askew) and Liam (Max Brown) and an Australian woman, Pru (Melissa Pru), take off and find a cabana bar. And after a day of partying on the beach, they unknowingly drink drugged drinks and pass out.


Meanwhile, some Swedish tourists are unconscious and being carried through the woods and when some of them wake up and run for it. It doesn’t end well for any of them, including the ones who do not run.


The other tourists wake the next morning, still on the beach but robbed of everything. The locals have pilfered their belongings as they slept. A local, Kiko (Agles Steib) offers to help them, he takes them to his uncles house to wait for the bus that comes in 2 days. Except they become friends and Kiko wants to take them back to the village, instead of his ‘uncle’s house.


But when Kiko suffers a serious head injury after diving into a waterfall pool and they find the house. Which is sketchy to say the least, they stay the night to nurse him and wait for help. They make themselves, right at home. But when a helicopter arrives, it’s clearly not help.


There’s something wrong with this place. And when they are given one chance to run, they don’t take it. And it turns out to be the biggest mistake of their lives.


In a makeshift operating room, a doctor (Miguel Lunardi) begins harvesting their organs. He explains that it’s only fair that the tourists give back to Brazil since rich Gringos arrive there for the organ black market, harvested from Brazilians. They will in turn ‘donate’ their organs for Brazilian’s sick and poor. Amy is on the operating table, Finn is waiting his turn, the rest are outside in cages and manage to escape.


Now they are being hunted by the henchmen who arrived with the doctor and have to find a way out of Brazil before their organs are harvested.




This is first American film shot exclusively in Brazil and it is graphic and gory. Very like hostel but not as much gore. And the portuguese and Swedish is not translated in this, for the most part. And the escape seems a little long.