Macabre...ish Horror Review: Tusk



Tusk, 2014/ 1 hr 42 min


A host of the podcast, Not See Party, Wallace (Justin Long) takes off to Canada to meet a kid known as The Kill Bill Kid, who went viral for accidentally cutting off his leg with a sword. But he arrives to the kid’s wake. So now he hopes to score another interview.

As luck would have it, he finds an ad for a room for rent, on a billboard about a Canadian man of adventure, Howard Howe. And Wallace is driving the 2 hours to hear about these adventures.

He arrives at an amazing house called Pippy Hill and Mr. Howe is eager to talk. He has stories about meeting Ernest Hemingway and collects oddities like a walrus baculum and he has a story of being lost at sea that goes with it.

Then Wallace realizes the tea he’s been drinking was laced and he loses consciousness. And he wakes up to a story and missing a leg. Then he freaks out! And he slowly realizes, this visit was a trap and that ad, a lure. Howard Howe is insane.

Wallace’s cohost, Teddy (Haley Joel Osment) and his girlfriend, Allison (Genesis Rodriguez) searches for him after receiving alarming voicemails. But if they find him, then what?

This is a Kevin Smith creation and it is disturbing. It kind of has that Human Centipede feel and left me feeling helpless and hopeless. It is gory and graphic. Well done!