Macabre...ish Horror Review: Twilight Zone: The Movie



Twilight Zone: The Movie, 1983/ 101 min. This movie is actually made up of shorts like the VHS movies. The first is actually the prologue, two men driving down the road and talking about their favorite Twilight Zone episodes and they try scaring each other. Then the passenger (Dan Aykroyd) asks the driver (Albert Brooks) to pull over and when he does, he turns into a monster and attacks him.

The second is about a jaded businessman who complains about not getting a promotion, to his friends in a bar, and laments about the man who got the promotion being Jewish.



This man is a disgruntled racist and has a bone to pick with every race. He is taught a lesson when later after he leaves the bar and steps into history in an alternative universe, in a Nazi controlled area and he’s a foreigner,



he’s soon on the run and when he is finally killed, he opens his eyes to klansmen surrounding him, preparing to lynch him and



once again he’s on the run again and dives into a lake and hides and then he’s in a war zone and when he comes out for help and soldiers shoot at him and blow him up.




And he falls back into Nazi Territory, has a star put on him  and is loaded into a cattle car.



The next is about a new arrival to a retirement home, Mr. Bloom (Scatman Crothers), Sunnyvale teaches the occupants how to be young again.



And they discover that if they play, they can rediscover their youth. And a late night game of kick the can turns them into kids again.



Those who would remain children and those who don’t can just return to bed and their normal elderly selves. 




Third, a woman, Helen (Kathleen Quinlan) arrives at a diner for directions and leaves when a man is aggressive with a boy and she accidentally hits him on her way out and takes him home. They arrived to a house with people who seem strangely attentive and afraid of the boy, Anthony. It’s soon clear that Anthony rules this roost.



The entire family does what he wants, when he wants and if they resist, he punishes them. Always on the tv, cartoons. Meals, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ice cream, chips and candy apples. Also, these people are captives, all brought here individually to be his family. Except Sarah, she’s his real sister and has no mouth.



Her punishment for yelling at Anthony. Everything that happens,



happens by magic, from the mind of a terrifyingly, monstrous child.



Fourth, is about a terrified passenger (John Lithgow) on a plane during a storm.



He sees someone or something, on the wing, ripping it apart but no one else can see it. And he’s treated like a hysterical passenger, then he tries to break the window and finally shoots it causing the cabin to lose pressure. Suddenly he’s part way out of the window and shooting at the gremlin, it leaps toward him and destroys the gun, then it palms his face, warns him then leaps off of the plane. Finally the plane lands and there is clear evidence of destruction of the wing.




This is a great movie and I wish there were more, lots of recognizable faces from different eras. It’s got everything, some creepiness, some magic, some alternate universes etc. Good effects and very nostalgic. Also just a warning, there are lots of racist words in one of the episodes.  

Unfortunately there was a terrible disaster that happened during the making of this movie.

Ready to watch now, its available here on itunes. 


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