Macabre...ish Horror Review: Uncle Peckerhead


Uncle Peckerhead, 2020/ 1 hr 37 min

The movie opens with the partially consumed skeletal remains of a man and another man snacking on his jaw.

Meanwhile, a band called DUH is getting ready to go on tour, so back at the House of DUH, the band prepares for the road and after a band mate breaks his nose with an epic face plant, they’re van gets repoed. So now they have to ask to borrow someone else’s van...

Enter Peckerhead (David Littleton(, he lives in a van and for gas money, he’ll drive and roady for the band. Right on time too, he needs to get out of town. One the way, Peck is looking a little shady, there’s blood on his van and syringes in his glove box. But they have a 3 hour show that was supposed to be a 20 minute showcase, for an audience of 3, for which they get paid 3, the show must go on!

Afterward, Peckerhead goes inside and Judy (Chet Siegal) catches him eating the promoter. And when she runs back outside, he comes out, covered in blood and politely insists that she did not see, what she clearly saw. And when the rest of the band checks it out, it turns out to be true and after they add vomit to the scene of carnage. They head to dinner where Peck convinces them to continue on the tour with him as driver and roady.

He explains that every night at midnight, he turns into a monster for 13 minutes and he kills and eats someone. And he usually uses smack to sedate himself at night, thus the syringes. But he made an exception for the promoter, for the band, because he deserved it...explains Peckerhead. So the band takes it oddly well and vote to decide if he gets another chance.

The other bandmates are good with giving him another chance but Judy really doesn’t want too but they really have no choice if they want to tour.

Midnight monster or not, Peck might not be such a bad guy after all. Maybe...

This is like a slacker buddy flick with a monster movie twist! This is very gory and graphic, with good pacing and an unexpected outcome. It worked for me. It was fun, gross and funny!