Macabre...ish Horror Review: Underground




Underground, 2011/ 1 hr 26 min



A rave held at an old Army base where two years prior was the site of a slaughter, involving military personnel and some kind of underground creatures. Among the revelers are veterans that survived war and now they are home to celebrate!


Unfortunately, they get in a fight with a gang and find themselves running for their lives. When they hide behind a metal door, they find themselves sealed inside an underground bunker with a couple of stragglers. Now the only way out is to go deeper in. Maybe...


The bunker is 3 stories deep with a general, control room and second exit. They get the gennie going and the lights on but almost immediately spooked by sounds coming from inside the bunker.


And it is not long before they see something or someone. And while using the restroom some kind of creature crashes out of the wall and attacks. Whatever it is, there are many, they are strong, fast and violent.


They arm themselves with whatever they can find, just in time for the lights to go out. Most who are caught are ripped up, some eaten, some are kidnapped and there are areas with hundreds of dog tags hanging from the ceiling, mountains of old clothes, shoes and bones. There’s plenty of evidence that a Special Forces team went in but never came out.


Then they find an office with monitors and video, discover a lot of secrets get the whole story about what these creatures are. And how they came to be and it is horrific.


This was good! The pacing and effects are good. The acting is ok. Fight choreography and death scenes were oddly good though. It’s also bloody, gory and graphic. Lots of jump scares. It was a fun watch!