Macabre...ish Horror Review: Underworld Awakening



Underworld Awakening, 2012/ 89 min.



A few years after the last movie, Underworld Evolution, the secret is out, the general public now knows about the existence of lycans and vampires. And now it’s all out war and the attempted purging of both species with the added bonus of a corporation attempting to harness the powers of each. And that corporation has quite the secret, quite a few actually.



Selena is captured by the humans and kept in cryo for twelve years. Upon escaping and searching for Michael, she discovers that both vampires and lycans have been hunted to near extinction. She’s also seeing someone else’s visions and believe it’s Michael guiding her.



Not only is it not Michael guiding her but she’s all but shunned by other vampires.


And acquired unexpected allies.



This movie is like watching Resident Evil meets the Matrix, except there are Vampires and Werewolves there. On it’s own the movie is great! Action packed, graphic, violent, lots of good effects and fight scenes. But in conjunction with the last few movies, it is quite the departure. Especially as far as cinematography is concerned.


Lots of recognizable faces and I totally forgot about Kristen Holden-Ried, who is also a Wolf on Lost Girl, being in this. This definitely a good action packed watch!


 It’s available here on itunes. Better yet, how about the entire series then you’ll have the whole story. Enjoy!







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