Macabre...ish Horror Review: Underworld: Evolution



Underworld: Evolution, 2006/ 1 hr 46 min.


It’s 1202 and an army arrives at a village destroyed by lycans, it is led by vampire elders, Viktor, Markus and Amelia. They’ve found their target, Markus’ twin brother William Corvinus. The first and most powerful werewolf. Viktor orders his permanent imprisonment in a secret location.



Present day: Selene and Michael take shelter in a safe house while searching for Kraven, in order to stop him killing Markus. But Markus finds him first.



In the aftermath of the battle with the lycans, Viktor’s corpse is examined and half a metal disc is discovered, the other half of which is in Michael’s possession, formerly Lucian’s. And Markus want’s it back.



We discover the reason Selene’s family was killed, why she was turned into a vampire and adopted by Viktor. Her father was the architect of William’s prison and one of the few who knew his location and that knowledge is stored in Selene’s blood. A memory that can be retrieved by consumption of her blood.


Markus and William ultimately plan to rule as hybrid gods. Selene and Michael discover another Corvinus. After traveling to the hideout of Tanis, the vampire historian,



they discover that this Corvinus is not a descendent but the original, Alexander, father to Markus and William, neither vampire or lycan but immortal. The first.



Markus is hot on their trail and he leaves bodies in his wake.



The elder, Alexander has dedicated his life to keeping the war between the vampires and lycans hidden and though he will not hurt his sons, he is instrumental in Selene’s pursuit of them and enhancing her abilities, strength and immunity to the sun.


There is alot going on with this movie and it is arguably better than the first. Continuing the story with the same cast and concept but with the introduction of new interesting characters. The cinematography and effects are the same quality as the original. Still very effects and action heavy with a good story. Very good movie!


Haven’t seen it and it’s not streaming anywhere, it’s here. Enjoy!


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