Macabre...ish Horror Review: Untraceable


Untraceable, 2008/101 min.  A tech savvy internet predator streams his murders live on his website and the fate of his captives is left in the hands of the viewing public. The more viewers, the more hits and the faster his victims die.


The FBI cyber crimes division is alerted and the race begins to find this predator before more people die. But they can’t make people stop watching and they can’t shut down the site because every time they do, a mirror site pops up, immediately taking it’s place. And the server is out of their reach in Russia. 


And this monster likes this new game with the FBI and all the attention that they bring. He soon ups the stakes by making it personal and terrorizing one agent and kidnapping and dissolving another in battery acid.


This nightmare begins with a kitten under a heat lamp and ends with dangling an FBI agent over a power tiller to be ground up.


Expect it to be graphic and violent. Bloody, torture and gory. Intense, creepy, jump scares. Feels like a cross between Kiss The Girls and Saw.


Audio choices are English, French and Portuguese. Subtitles in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.



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