Macabre…ish Horror Review: V/H/S 94


V/H/S 94, 2021/ 1 hr 40 min

Holy Hell

SWAT enters a warehouse on a drug raid and inside they find cell after cell with people in them, eyes gouged out and with a voice blaring out of an overhead speaker. Seems to be what’s left of a cult and their strange existence. But while they search…

Storm Drain

A reporter doing a story about a mythological being known as the Rat Man who supposedly lives in a storm drain. Among the homeless population in the drain they might actually find him or be found by him. Either way, she will tell the story.

The Wake

The host preps for a closed casket wake of a man who was in a terrible accident and awaits his family but none arrive. And then there is movement, seemingly, from inside the casket. Then finally someone arrives despite a sudden storm but something isn’t right.

The Subject

A man wakes up and where his body used to be, is now a mechanical spider. A pioneer in medical prosthetics has gone insane and is doing crazy experiments on missing people, against their will. And doing it, in what looks like an abandoned building and on the lam. And when the doctor’s grotesque little operation is found, the police won’t be ready.