Macabre...ish Horror Review: V Wars


V Wars, 2019/ series



Opens with a suicide. Something terrible is happening and whatever it is, is worse than suicide.


A colleague at a research station has made a discovery but no one’s heard from him in weeks. Dr. Luther Swann and best friend Michael Fayne, arrive at the location to find it empty.



A discovery had been made and whatever it is, they have been exposed to it. Under quarantine, Luther and Michael are having opposite effects to their exposure. And once they’re out of quarantine, it only gets worse.



People are dying gruesome deaths and no one knows how. Yet. And it looks like best buds, Luther and Michael, are on the opposite sides of it.


The show is a little slow on the build up but it’s ok, picks up again at the end! Bloody and a little gory so far and the cg transformation is pretty nice. So far it’s like a cop mystery series with some horror.








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