Macabre...ish Horror Review: Vampire in Brooklyn



Vampire in Brooklyn, 1995/ 102 min



After centuries of living in the Burmuda Triangle and feasting on lost travellers, vampires were hunted until only one was left. And must find the one lost descendant of his tribe who was born in a foreign land, in Brooklyn. She is meant to be his mate.


An abandoned ship full of corpses wrecks into a dockyard in Brooklyn, NY and a wolf exits.


Elsewhere, Julius (Kadeem Hardison), a number runner. is about to be killed by the Mob and he is rescued by Maximillian (Eddie Murphy) who, after being shot, kills the 2 gangsters. Then returns to Julius and turns him into a ghoul, and in doing so becomes his servant. He lives in a rapid state of decay but helps Maximillian find who he’s looking for and quickly blows it.


She’s an NYPD detective, Rita (Angela Bassett) and she is assigned to investigate the ghost ship and what happened there.


Maximillian finds her and disguises himself as her preacher, Preacher Pauly and Guido (wanna-be stick up man for the Italian mafia) and deploys all kinds of tricks. He has to lure her and she has to willingly surrender. Meanwhile, she is having visions and senses Maximillian lurking. She seeks the counsel of Dr. Zeko who tells her about vampire lore.


This is a horror comedy, if you liked Coming to America, you may like this. Instead of going to Queens for a bride, he heads to Brooklyn! Eddie Murphy plays a few different characters. Lots a swearing in this one, some blood and gore. This movie is more outlandish than anything, funny and fun!