Macabre...ish Horror Review: Venom



Venom aka The Reaper, 2005/ 1 hr 27 min



A creole woman inadvertently unleashes a nightmare when a briefcase in her possession, containing vipers, opens, after an accident and bites a tow truck driver, Ray, and kills him. While at the coroner’s, he gets up, kills the coroner and returns to his truck.


That briefcase wasn’t just any case, it was recently dug up from a grave and is a part of a voodoo ritual. A ritual that removed the evil from men, the snakes were the vessels containing it, until it was all injected into Ray.


When he recovers his truck, he returns to the area where a group of teens, earlier in the day gave him trouble and stole from his shop. Anyone who stops in, he kills. The kills are bloody and gruesome but not particularly graphic. They show few actual kills, mostly the aftermath.


He follows the remaining to one of their houses, Cece (Meagan Good), the granddaughter of the Creole woman. She knows what Ray is. And those left alive have to figure out and execute the incantation that will stop him. P.S. They are not ok with the ritual.


We eventual find out why Evil Ray is killing and what must be done to stop it.


Decent cast in this one, the deputy is played by Method Man. Eric is Jonathan Jackson, Tammy is Bijou Phillips. Teen slasher with quite a bit of convoluted drama (if they cut it out, it would have flowed better) but it is pretty well paced.


Nice physical effects! Jump scares and deaths. If you like 90s slasher flicks you may like this.