Macabre...ish Horror Review: VFW




VFW, 2019/ 92 min


A psychotic gang leader, Boz (Travis Hammer), creates an unbelievably addictive drug called Hype. The users are called Hypers. This drug is so addictive, he causes a girl, Lucy, to leap to her death, when he tosses a vial of Hype off of a bridge. Lucy’s sister, Lizard (Sierra McCormick), finds her body and sees Boz standing on the bridge over her, in retaliation, she steals all of his Hype and runs away.

The gang goes to battle some retirees, all retired military veterans, who holds court at the VFW, when Lizard hides there. The place is quickly flooded with psychotic gangsters, who introduces himself by hacking off the arm of a patron. They respond with a shot to a head.

Now the surviving veterans need a plan of escape. This gang means to slaughter them all but not just for those drugs, for exploding Boz’s little brother’s head with a shot gun blast. The vets are informed that Boz will go after their generations in retaliation. Now it is all out war. The vets vet to work building traps and weapons and battening down the hatches.

Very violent, graphic and gory. This flick is gritty, dirty and bleak. The physical effects couldn’t be more graphic. Plus this dystopian fight for survival has an Escape From New York/The Warriors feel. Lots of recognizable faces, just older. George Wendt, Stephen Lang, Martin Kove, William Sadler, Fred Williamson

This is a pretty relentless gorefest.