Macabre...ish Horror Review: Vile


Vile is a movie released in 2012, a story about kidnapped people who are held captive in a house that may as well be an impenetrable fortress because there is no way out. Everyone in the house is surgically connected, by the backs of their heads, to a contraption that is meant to 1. Extract something from their bodies 2. Sending and receiving a signal to monitor and control them.


They all came to be there the same way, a woman asked for help because her car ran out of gas. She then renders them unconscious and they all wake up in this house. Now on to why they’re there. They are all there to cause pain to themselves or each other, so that their brains release certain chemicals (dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline etc.) that are then collected by the contraptions that are connected to each of them. And they are not allowed to stop until each of their levels reach a certain point.


They have 24 hours to reach their marks and have been promised their freedom if they do. Pain is the only route to freedom.


If you can’t handle torture, this movie is not for you. It is graphic, gory and bloody. These actors do a phenomenal job of making this horror real. It’s a brutal watch. I really enjoyed this moving and it had a satisfying ending.


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