Macabre…ish Horror Review: Watch If You Dare

Watch If You Dare, 2018/ 1 hr 11 min.



This is an anthology and all of the episodes are gory and graphic.


The first is about a hair stylist who does certain customers hair and drug them via red wine. After their hair is done, she removes their scalp. She says she just wants to try it on. At home she put’s her customer’s scalp on her head and acts like them. And by the look of her room, she may have been at this gruesome hobby for a while.


Second, a man with a tattoo obsession, instead of getting his body tattooed, he attacks men with tats he wants and cuts them off of their bodies. Then he goes home and cuts off his own skin and sews the newly acquired tattoos on. He is also nursing other infected and failing tattoo transplants.


One day he returns home with quite a few newly acquired tattoos. Police sirens slowly increasing in volume in the background. He hurriedly cuts out a huge section for the newly acquired ink but he’s out of time. Instead he rips the old one’s off. Presumably to hide the evidence.


Then there’s the Underground Kitchen Restaurant with a big secret and despite telling the general manager, Mueller, to keep his mouth shut, he, of course, immediately tells. During the dinner full of odd balls, Mueller finds out what’s on the menu and it seems everyone else already knew. Dinner goes wrong when the guests suffer some losses. But it’s not all bad, for the survivors, of course.


Fourth, is the story of the knob goblin. A man is traumatized by his brother’s death and specifically how he died. He revisits the scene with his support group to prove to himself that the knob goblin isn’t real. Well he was wrong.



This is directed by Christopher G. Moore. Every episode is in it’s own way, painful to watch. All but two seem like the good parts of gory movies, no big story or build up and certainly no satisfying end, just the action. The others do have a bit of a story and build up. Each episode is different in quality, the only thing they have in common is they’re all incredibly graphic and gory.