Macabre...ish Horror Review: We Go On



We Go On, 2016 /1 hr 30 min.




This is a story of a man, Miles, so terrified of death, that he places and ad in the paper and offers a reward to anyone who definitively proves that there is life after death. Something that he can’t dispute.


His ad goes viral and he quickly fills a room with mail and a voicemail, except he didn’t give out his number. He narrows the field to 3. A scholar, a medium and an entrepreneur. They all offer their own version of proof.


The scholar has a guaranteed technique that will show the truth. The medium has a meditative method that will show you your own death and what comes after; and the entrepreneur has a box that he says he paid his entire fortune for. But he had to open it himself to experience the truth.



So, with his tough and very cynical mother, Miles goes to visit them all. And experiences what they have to offer. And then he meets Nelson...




The scholar is Declan from Law & Order: Criminal Intent. This isn’t a comedy but I found Miles and his Mom funny. The cinematography is very like PET and it is mostly not scary, until it is. Get’s heavier as it goes. This movie is more thriller than horror. Very little blood and gore but there are jump scares. I really enjoyed this movie.












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