Macabre…ish Horror Review: Wellington Paranormal



Wellington Paranormal, 2018/ 4 Seasons


This is a spin off series based on characters from the New Zealand film, What We Do In Shadows. It’s a mockumentary that follows police officers in Upper Hutt which is thought to be a nexus for the supernatural realm. Minogue and O'Leary investigate all things of supernatural origin and otherworldly creatures.


They encounter zombies, possessed people, aliens, vampires and time jump in and out of portals but it’s part of the job.


They follow trails of missing dogs that might lead to werewolves and thefts of blood bags from hospitals that point to a blood bootlegger but maybe it involves tiny cars with evil clowns.


Levitating sheep and treed cattle that could be a sign of UFO activity or a party full of ghosts from a party that took place in the 1970s. The discovery of deceased officers’ that are exact copies of O’Leary and Minogue lead them to discover alien fungus and flying saucers.


Vengeful robots, legendary Maori sea monster, demon possessed doll and Satan Santa are all just a few investigations they embark on.

And they do it all as if it’s just another normal boring work day.


This New Zealand comedy horror series is created and directed by Jermaine Clement, with Tim van Dammen and Jackie Van Beek. The humor is dry, dark and sometimes silly humor. There’s a ton of dialogue in this series. Lots of effects, CG and physical. But it’s not scary though it’s sometimes gross. It’s funny if you enjoy this kind of humor. This is also filmed  like a reality show with POV shaky cam cinematography. I really enjoyed this and the sheer volume of different characters was great!