Macabre...ish Horror Review: WER



WER, 2013/ 1 hr 32 min


An American woman ends up in the hospital after her son and husband were eaten by some kind of humanoid creature, during a camping trip in France. A Romanian man with a unique genetic condition is arrested in the slaughter. And it turns into a media frenzy.


An expat attorney, Katherine Moore (A.J. Cook) volunteers to represent the man, Talan (Brian Scott O’Connor) and with fellow American Eric Sarin (VikSahay) they investigate the matter and hire an animal expert.


During an interview, while in custody, there is a scuffle and Talan scratches Eric. And he starts becoming ill and finds out exactly how ill. And uncovering corruption and conspiracy, inadvertently, during the course of their own investigation.


When undergoing continued testing, he escapes his restraints and destroys every one in the room, then escapes. And it’s not even a full moon yet but there will be one in 2 days. All attempts to stop it and contain the situation just makes it worse.


Things will go so badly that all that’s left to do is continue the cover up.


This English/French language movie has a crime drama feel. And I think we need more werewolf crime drama because this was good. The physical effects were great and graphic. The werewolf effects are ok but transformation is minimal but the acting is well done. If I’m looking for horror I would skip this though, it’s definitely more crime drama than horror.