Macabre...ish Horror Review: What Keeps You Alive



What Keeps You Alive, 2018/ 1 hr 39 min.



A couple, Jackie and Julie arrive at Jackie’s family lake house and she immediately begins acting strange. Someone arrives unexpectedly, Sarah, and Julie discovers Jackie’s name is actually Megan and that they used to hang out as kids.


Not just that, Julie is finding out all kinds of new things about Jackie and it’s making Jules uneasy. She learns about how her Dad taught her to hunt and kill.


She also learns about a deceased friend of Jackie’s, Jenny, and it kind of sounded like she had something to do with her death. But Jackie always has an answer for all of Jules’ worries.


But one day Julie finds out for sure what’s true and she finds out the hard way. She also finds out that she doesn’t know this woman at all but she will plus her true personality and intensions. But to survive, Julie has to out smart someone who’s done this before. And does not intend to stop.


I thought this was going to be...meh.. ‘Single White Female’ kind of movie but it just kept getting better as it went. This was graphic and shocked me a few times. It was often gory, bloody and crazy. And the ending was kind of profound. This was heavy but unexpectedly good!