Macabre...ish Horror Review: What We Become


What We Become, 2015/ 1 hr 21 min

This is a Danish movie about a family of 4 navigating life after a virus breaks out and their idyllic existence is transformed into a quarantine zone by the military. Try and break quarantine and they will shoot you. Houses of the infected are canopied and the inhabitants live in darkness, sequestered in their homes.
The residents are not informed about the severity of the problem, the infected are just dragged from their homes under the cover of darkness.

Not understanding what he’s seeing, the rebellious, teenage son sees this and is outraged by the inhumanity and escapes the house and releases the infected from the trucks, not knowing they’re zombies. The military is quickly overcome. And they are on the families are now, on their own.

The parents desperately try to keep their kids sheltered from the truth which makes everything worse and more dangerous. Utilities go down, fuel and food quickly runs out and the place is overrun with zombies.

This is an IFC movie with Danish audio and English subtitles. The effects are good. Different make up for different stages of zombie infection. It’s slow because it’s the beginning but good.