Macabre...ish Horror Review: Whisper





Whisper, 2007/ 94 min. The movie opens with a woman being chased through the woods by a wolf and just as she escapes, she’s hit be a car as she runs out into the street. The we flash to David playing by himself.  

And then to a couple who are interested in buying their own business. After leaving prison Max (Josh Holloway) and his fiancée, Roxanne (Sarah Wayne Callies) want to start fresh with their own diner. Unfortunately no bank will give them a loan so Max decides to accept a kidnapping job to get the money. Set up by his former partner Sidney (Michael Rooker) and Vince (Joel Edgerton), the target is an eight year old son of a wealthy New England woman, named David (Black Woodruff). 



With Max dressed as Santa, he drives up to the mansion, he leaves the gifts with the kids at the party and Santa slips away with David, leaving a ransom note behind. The abduction is a success. The van is destroyed and Max, Roxanne and the gang wait at a secluded location, a camp closed up for winter, for the ransom. And while they wait, they discover what a strange and special child, David is. Aside from being an amazing artist. He also, knows things he shouldn’t. 



Roxanne is struggling with their decision and begins having nightmares about David and lurking outside is that wolf. Strange things begin happening, Vincent’s medication is destroyed and in that moment of panic, David sees all of their faces. And Sidney talks to him to find out just how much he knows and David may or may not have caused his heart attack.


Now there is dissension amongst the group as to what to do now. Because it’s all going sideways. David’s not cooperating at all and all their best laid plans are ruined. Sidney wants to get rid of him. Meanwhile, every free range person David lays his eyes on during this fiasco, turns into a murderer and the outcome, always a blood bath. For instance, a couple having a road side tryst devolves into the man beating the woman to death. 


David also knows everyone’s secrets and uses it against everyone in the group to cause chaos. Aside from that, there’s something strange going on, with the mastermind, Jones, in this entire thing. They’ve been getting the run around instead of getting paid. And then upon discovering who ‘Jones’ is, just as Max is getting answers, suddenly a screwdriver falls off the roof and into ‘Jones’ head. At just the same moment, David, rolls and drops a crayon to the floor.


People are dropping like flies around this kid and he is behaving very unchild-like.



This movie has a lot going on and is filled with twists and turns you don’t see coming. And you don’t see it coming, any of it! It’s all pretty well done. There is nudity in the movie, adult scenes and language. It disk has an alternate ending, extended and deleted scenes plus the making of. And it is full of recognizable faces. 


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