Macabre…ish Horror Review: Wishmaster 2


Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies, 1999/ 97 min


During an attempted robbery at a museum, a misfired round frees the gem, containing the Djinn, from the statue. One of the burglars, Morgana Truscott (Holly Fields), escapes leaving her injured partner, Eric (Chris Weber), behind. The gem has broken open and a pulsating mass escapes it. The crook wishes he’d never been born and quickly devolves backward into a zygote.


As the police enter the museum, Djinn continues growing into it’s human persona, Nathaniel Demarest (Andrew Divoff). After freezing a cop, he surrenders to police after confessing to a crime he didn’t commit. While in a holding cell he kills a prisoner who wishes he could walk through the cell bars.


Meanwhile, Morgana is melting down at home after the robbery fail plus she notices there’s been no word on or from Eric. She starts having visions and goes to a Priest, an ex, Gregory (Paul Johannson) for help.


In prison, Demarest, after promising to make another inmate’s, Robert Gries’ (Robert La Sardo) lawyer to f^ck himself, he’s confronted by Butz (Rhino Michaels) and his henchmen, who runs all of the underground business in the prison. He later wants to join forces but is rejected. Then Butz inadvertently makes a wish and is beaten by his own henchmen. The result is Demarest is sent to solitary.


Morgana, still struggling with nightmares starts researching the Persian statue and mythology. She confesses what’s been happening to the Priest and shows him the Djinn’s true form. She, then the Priest goes to the prison to question Demarest and demand he leave Morgana alone. But it doesn’t work.


Demarest escapes after killing a guard, Tillaver (Tommy Lister Jr.) with a Russian gangster, Osip (Oleg Vidov), who has a plan for the Djinn to kill his Russian-American mob boss with a wish. A rage fueled moment and the wish for his rival’s head backfires and Osip seizes the opportunity to take his place.


Morgana studies, tries to purify herself with rituals and prayer, confesses and is counseled by the Priest and tries to make right what she’s done wrong.


Meanwhile, the Djinn is on his way to Vegas to collect the souls he needs to free his kind and unleash them unto the Earth.. And Morgana and Gregory follow to try to stop him.


This sequel was also directed by Jack Sholder and written by Peter Atkins. This one is not as effects heavy as the first but it’s still good and at times very gory. There’s a recognizable cast and Andrew Divoff is still the Djinn. I think this one is funnier than the first, in both wishes and just the way Demarest carries himself. Also in this is Bokeem Woodbine. Great franchise!


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