Macabre…ish Horror Review: Wither aka Vittra




Vittra aka Wither, 2012/ 95 min


A couple, Albin (Patrik Almkvist) and Ida (Lisa Henni) plus some friends, Simon (Patrick Saxe), Tove (Anna Henriksson) Linnea (Amanda Renberg), Marie (Jessica Blomkvist) and Marcus (Max Wallmo)go on vacation to a cabin and since they find it locked, they break in! Almost immediately something is wrong, Marie is acting strange and is unwell, after looking around the basement.  Later, she’s behaving so strangely that she bites off Tove’s lip and spits in Linnea’s eyes. Not knowing what else to do, they tie her up.


Earlier, in the day they saw a hunter, Gunnar (Johannes Brost) who was looking for his daughter. He arrives at the cabin and warns them about an ancient entity, the vættr, it’s powerful but fragile and lives in the area. It possessed his wife and daughter, and the only thing to do is kill the infected before they kill everyone and spread it.


And it happens fast, one after another are infected, die, are resurrected and attack and spread the infection before anyone can get to the police. It’s a blood bath in that cabin and eventually the Vættr rises from the basement herself and if anyone is left alive and uninfected, they soon may be the opposite.


This is a Swedish movie and it really reminds me of Evil Dead. It is just as bloody and gory, very graphic and the cinematography makes it worse, grittier. Once the carnage begins it is pretty relentless until the end of the movie. Good movie!