Macabre...ish Horror Review: Wolf Moon




Wolf Moon aka Dark Moon Rising 2009/ 2 hrs 4 min

 A small Texas town has a werewolf problem. They live among the population aren’t typically a problem until full moon.

One man, Dan (Chris Diveccio) is not happy to be a werewolf and struggles with it, he makes some effort to only kill animals but to him, it is a curse. He acquired it from a father that he’s never known and because he’s never consumed a human, there is a chance but he has to find his father and kill him. That will not be easy because unlike him, Dad loves to kill people, especially women.

Meanwhile, the town sheriff (Maria Conchito Alonzo) is investigating the slaughter of cattle and humans and has decided it is the work of two different culprits. And soon she knows exactly who it is.

 And Dan will find out exactly who his Dad, Bender (Max Ryan) is, because his father is looking for him too. 

Good cast, Lin Shaye, Maria Conchito Alonzo, Chris Mulkey, Max Ryan, Billy Drago and Sig Haig! There’s nudity and adult scenes. The transformations are CGI but the transformed wolves are pretty nice. There aren’t many physical effects but what there is, is so good! Sadly I think the movie is too long and that made it lackluster.