Macabre…ish Horror Review: Wolfcop




Wolfcop, 2014/ 1 hr 19 min


Lou is a bad cop. Comes in to work, whenever and hungover, more often than not and he drinks on the job. He is not feared or respected but he is mostly well liked, he’s a local with a sad past. He is tasked to help look for some armed, violent, masked robbers plaguing the town.

One night on a call he is lured into a trap and involved in some kind of ritual but he doesn’t really remember it, but something happened and now he’s different. His senses are more acute and he’s hairier than usual.

Nearby, a local aspiring politician is found mauled in the woods, seemingly while he was doing drugs. It’s reawakened the town gossip and mysterious lore of the local boogeyman, the Woodhaven Beast, whenever there’s a murder mystery, the old stories are dredged back up.

After a night of mauling townies in a bar bathroom, Deputy Lou, is an animal! Willy, another local catches some of it on camera and hatches a plan to lock him up and watch him later, so it doesn’t happen again. Oh but does.

While Lou is supposed to be on lock down, a call comes in about a burglary in progress and Lou just can’t help himself. He violently and hilariously handles it with a few other crimes in progress.

Later on, Deputy Lou finds out all about what he is now, in the library. Now he knows why those people were killed and it becomes very clear what is going on and who’s behind it, or so he thinks.

By the time it’s all over, the secrets of the town and some of it’s residents will be uncovered and so will mysteries of the past. But plenty of people will die first.

This movie was the Willie Show, without him and some truly grotesque and definitely 80s inspire physical effects, this movie would not have been as good! Add in Liquor Donuts and the random chaotic ‘policing spree’, this was pure gold and perfect for a weekend horror. Oh and I almost forgot the transformation, it was disgusting and over the top. Expect adult scenes, nudity and werewolf frontal.