Macabre...ish Horror Review: Wolfman



Wolfman, 2010/ 103 min. Historical horror remake of the 1941 original.

Ben Talbot disappears, in 1891, after being attacked in the forest and soon his mutilated remains are found, soon the locals are blaming wild animals and gypsies, encamped nearby, then one mentions a similar death 25 years earlier and a werewolf was the suspected killer. Lawrence (Benicio del Toro), Ben’s brother, was informed by his fiancée, Gwen (Emily Blunt) visit’s the gypsies camp, during which the townspeople raid it, on a full moon, confiscating a dancing bear, who they believe is the culprit. The camp is then attacked by the werewolf and Lawrence is bitten, one gypsy stitches him up while another insists he’s cursed and should be killed before he attacks others and spread it.


Lawrence heals amazingly fast and his senses are heightened. Inspector Abberline arrives to investigate and zeroes in on Lawrence because of his history of mental illness, following the suicide of his mother. Later, Lawrence goes to his mother’s crypt with his father, Sir John (Anthony Hopkins) then locks himself in a room inside, with a cryptic warning. Lawrence undergoes a painful transformation into a werewolf and goes into the woods and kills the hunters he finds there.



The next morning, The Inspector (Hugo Weaving), arrest Lawrence, returning him to Lambeth, to undergo torturous treatments.



Sir John visits to confess that, 25 years ago, he’d been bitten by a boy who carried lycanthropy. Lawrence finally realizes who killed his mother and brother and his father leaves a blade, in case he’d like to choose suicide as an escape. The doctor (Anthony Sher) conducts a lecture with Lawrence as his case study, Lawrence transforms and escapes, terrorizing the streets of London. The Inspector in pursuit the whole way. He seeks Gwen, his brother’s fiancée’s, shop for help and realizes he’s in love with her. He then flees home to escape the Inspector but when he arrives, he finds the bodies of his father’s servant, Singh (Art Malik) and the constable (David Schofield). 



He enters Talbot Hall and finds his father, after a failed attempt at using silver bullets to kill him, they both turn into werewolves and set the building ablaze as they battle.



Lawrence is victorious and Gwen and The Inspector arrive, as he attempts to shoot, Gwen stops him and the Inspector is bitten. Gwen runs through the woods, with Lawrence in pursuit and upon reach the gorge, she pleads for her life. The human part of him recognizes her and when he’s distracted by pursuing police and hunters, Gwen shoots him. He turns back into a human and thanks her for freeing him, before he dies. 


I like this movie but I’m also a huge fan of historical dramas, so if you are not, then pass on this one. Having said that, there are lots of recognizable faces and with that, great acting. This movie isn’t necessarily scary but there are jump scares, it is graphic and has good transformation scenes and flash back sequences. It is violent, bloody and gory as expected but not overly so.  It’s a good story. 



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