Macabre...ish Horror Review: World War Z




World War Z, 2013/ 116 min.


Philadelphia is suddenly hit by a zombie outbreak and the infection spreads super fast, in under 20 seconds. Former UN employee, Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) and his family, happen to be in traffic when it happens and everything happens fast.





They had to abandon there car, abscond with someone's camper, get to a store for supplies and meds, then the camper they stole was stolen. All of which happen after his daughter has an asthma attack and some men try to take his wife, all in a few hours. He contacts his old boss for a safe haven for his family and rescue from the city but his boss wants something in return. Gerry has to go back to work. The job is to discover the origin of the outbreak and a potential cure.





He agrees and his family plus (a boy who's family took them in but didn't make it) are safe on a military vessel while he runs around the world seeking answers. The zombies are fast, aggressive and violent. The use their heads as battering rams. Form zombie dog piles to climb obstacles. They use their bodies as projectiles and bludgeons. These zombies aren't eating they're just spreading the infection. Using their numbers to overwhelm. Also, they're called Zekes.






Gerry discovers the outbreak is everywhere, spreading throughout the world. Originally he is accompanied by a team and a scientist who, in Korea, are overrun immediately, the scientist trips and shoots himself dead. With the origin of the infection still unknown, he moves on to Israel, in search of patient zero, where his escort, Segen, is bitten. Gerry chops off her hand in time. While there, he notices the zombies ignore, terminally ill and elderly people.






Segen and Gerry escape on an airplane that they blow up with a grenade when the plane is overcome with zombies and they survive the crash and find their way to a WHO facility and hopefully a potential cure.






For a zombie movie it's not particularly bloody or gory. Transformation varied greatly. More CG than practical effects.

This fast moving and is very much an action film. It was ok, no better or worse than good low budget zombie movies. Having said that, I liked the idea of 'not a cure but camouflage'. That's a zombie film concept I hadn't seen! This one is  more expansive and has Brad Pitt. I enjoyed it more for the action than zombie aspect of it. Although I did really like the bald, one armed Israeli Lieutenant Segen's character!





Sadly, the sequel was scheduled but has been cancelled for financial reasons. But there’s a book that this movie is based on, click here if you’re a reader, if you prefer audio, the click here



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