Macabre...ish Horror Review: Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead


Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead, 2009/ 1 hr 32 min. Back again in these dangerous Virginia woods full of cannibals and they’ve outfitted the woods with lots of ingenious traps. And no one’s safe! The first victims are a group of unsuspecting rafters, camping for the night, most met one horrifically gruesome end after another. 



Then comes a prison bus, transporting convicts for transfer, that’s run off the road by cannibals. Now they have to survive woods filled with traps.



Besides watching them survive the traps and hillbillies, they have to survive each other and law enforcement. It’s a lot going on in this movie and at the same time, not enough, lots of prisoner dialogue, not enough awesome kills (imo).


Nudity. Adult scenes. The CG isn’t great but the physical effects are still pretty good. The kills are more graphic and fantastical but it feels like there should be more.



Slower than the first 2 movies but this movie is about the kills, not the story. And I did enjoy the kill scenes. Enjoy, gore fans!


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