Macabre...ish Horror Review: Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings


Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings, 2011/ 93 min. The 4th movie in the franchise and prequel, how the entire mess began. College friends get lost on a snowmobile trip and take refuge in an abandoned sanitarium.



Well they find out pretty quickly that it’s not abandoned and has been home to a family of deformed cannibals.



The movie begins with a flashback, of a time when the sanitarium was operational and doctor’s interactions with the patients. The group of cannibalistic inmates have begun to consume themselves in the absence of victims. One ate his own fingers, another poked out his own eye with a fork and ate it. Another one, wears a mask because he kept sharpening his teeth on the walls. New staff are given the rules for being near them. Stay away from the cells and never turn your back to them. 


Soon they break out of their cells, kill the staff and release the other patients. Some staff members are killed quickly, others are torture with the devices they’ve used on the patients.



Meanwhile the rest of the patients destroy the hospital. After this catastrophe, the place is closed down but the cannibal family remain and are still there when the college kids take shelter from the storm.


They struggle for survival while hoping to find a way to escape but they are no match for these cannibalistic maniacs.



And they die in one horrific fashion after another. The ending is pretty good and has a twist.



Expect nudity and adult scenes. Buckets of blood, guts and gore. The fact that it was in winter during a snow storm and in an abandoned building, instead of a forest, changes it up a little. This movie is still pretty brutal with some good graphic effects and I enjoyed it! 



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