Macabre...ish Horror Review: Wrong Turn 7



Wrong Turn, 2020/ 1 hr 56 min


And then there were 7.

A dad, Scott (Matthew Modine), arrives in the last place his daughter called him from, she’s been missing for 6 weeks and no one in town knows a thing. Well except one and he gives Scott no hope, he warns him that if the kids got lost in the woods, to just go home.

 Flashback to a group of college friends in an unfriendly Virginia town, amongst them is a gay couple and an interracial couple, so it’s extra uncomfortable but they try to make the best of it. Then they hike the Appalachia trail and then wander off of it.

 It is immediately horrible and down hill from there. They lose one to a trap and are forced to camp and when they wake, they found themselves in a graveyard, their phones and Milla, missing. They search for her and find some masked and antlered people, instead of evil inbred hillbillies there are some kind of separatist folk. It’s a waking nightmare.

 The friends kill one of these people, then hunted down and are put through some kind of village trial and sentenced. But all hope is not lost, Scott, Jennifer’s dad is still there and determined to find her. 

The twists are unexpected and a lot of questions are answered and most of the answers are horrific. Then we find some allies are actually enemies and vice versa. And it all culminates is about the best ending I’ve seen in a while.

This Wrong Turn gives us something slightly different and some new kills and new twists. It has that The Village or Midsommar feel. It’s well thought out and kept me hooked, even though the feel is very different than the others. This one is all about the story and the kills and effects are really nice accompaniments to a good story. Well done!