Macabre...ish Horror Review: You Might Be The Killer



You Might Be The Killer, 2018/ 1 hr 32 min


Sam (Fran Kranz) might be a killer but he’s not sure. He wakes up covered in blood and he has a wooden mask in his possession but his memory is super spotty. So he calls his friend, Chuck (Alyson Hannigan), (that’s Charlotte, to you) for help. She’s a fellow horror enthusiast who works at a comic store. And with her notepad ready, she wants all the gory details!


Sam thinks he’s seen the killer but the more of the story he tells of murders that happened at a campground, it appears the killer may be him. Sort of. But mostly the mask. He tries to burn the mask on the grill but not only would it not burn but his own face was burning.


After a while, what he remembers are gorier details and the fact that he could not take the mask off of his face and he heard voices telling him to kill. Then during a camp fire story about the mask and the wood carver, the surrounding area has been plagued with unexplained deaths and accidents and until the mask had never been found. And the wood carver’s grave is supposedly on the campground property.


Anyway, everything comes out during his call with Chuck, interspersed with flashbacks, kill counts and recovered memories. But something isn’t quite right...something’s missing and Chuck is trying to help him get to the bottom of it.


This is a slasher horror, turned on it’s head. It’s done differently than the the typical slasher formula and done well!


This slasher comedy has a good cast, over the top physical effects, good pacing and story. Plus it’s a horror movie where people have seen horror movies before and movie lore plays! Kind of the same comedy feel as Cabin in the Woods (Fran was the pothead in that flick). Lots of great kills. Fun movie!!