Macabre…ish Horror Review: You Might Be The Killer



You Might Be The Killer, 2018/ 1 hr 32 min


A camp counselor, Sam (Fran Kranz) calls him friend when he can’t get through to police, almost everyone is dead, a killer is stalking the camp and he doesn’t know what to do. Cellphones that were in a safe are gone, the vehicles have been disabled, they’re 25 miles away from the nearest town and help isn’t coming.

He doesn’t know who it is or how to get help so his friend, on the phone, Chuck (Alyson Halligan), is doing what she can over the phone. She’s also a horrorphile and she uses horror movie rules and storylines to help him survive.

There are some strange inconsistencies like he was carrying a baseball bad but when he looked again he was holding a weird jaw machete. He’s covered in a lot of blood and he has things in his bag that shouldn’t be there, plus he has headaches and gaps in his memory. Then he starts to recover his memory…

It looks bad but is it all as it appears? This camp also has some old lore about a wood carver who carved a mask, he was disturbed by it and tried to destroy it but instead, he was compelled to put it on. Bad things happened there after and this land is considered cursed.

In some of the woods there is a grave on the grounds, near the gravestone, is a withered tree trunk and a mask. Once the mayhem began, they counselors made a big effort to defend themselves but they didn’t know what they were fighting.

This slasher was fun! They didn’t make us wait, the pace is pretty fast and there are lots of flashbacks. It’s cool that they have real movie posters of movies I’ve seen such as House of Bones, Starve and Bomb City. Oh and this movie is full of horror film trivia. The movie is gory and bloody.


P.S. The black people do not die first.