Macabre...ish Horror Review: You’re So Cool Brewster


You’re So Cool Brewster!,2016 /350 min

This is the story of Fright Night, including the soundtrack and Fright Night 2. Conceived by the creator of Cloak & Dagger, Psycho 2 and Child’s Play, Tom Holland. A story about how he would have loved to have been a horror fanatic kid who lived next door to a vampire. And the long story of how it all came together with novices, veteran dramatic actors, comics and artists in a way that would only happen in the 80s.
The screenplay was so good that during the time that Vampires had been done to death and were being spoofed, serious known actors, wanted to be in this movie.
From Evil Ed’s cackle to broken bones and Roddy McDowall was settled for when the character was written for Vincent Price.
And the roller coaster ride of practical effects and make up artistry that include Ghostbusters and an effects artist melting his own feet after neutralizing a scene.
Lots of interviews, snippets and animation sprinkled through out.

How it all came together is a good story! And a long one, I needed a break by the time they started talking about Fright Night 2.