Macabre...ish Horror Review: Yummy



Yummy, 2019/ 96 min.


A couple, Michael (Bart Hollanders) and Alison (Maaike Neuville), go to a shady clinic to get some cosmetic work done, she, Alison's, getting a breast reduction and her mother is tagging along. Also he has hemaphobia, fear of blood, which led him to drop out of medical school.


They meet a predatory travel agent who takes advantage of woozy patients, just out of surgery. And the staff of the clinic follow few protocols, which make Michael very nervous. He is whisked away by the creepy, pill popping, expat travel agent, Daniel (Benjamin Ramon) and Alison is left alone in the waiting room. Michael is taken to the basement and finds a woman tied to a gurney. There's a mask over her face and that was a mistake. She immediately starts gnawing herself free.


They came for surgery and arrive at ground zero of a zombie infection. Michael runs back to stop the surgery. The virus spreads quickly through the clinic and they have to find a way out. But first they need to find Alison's mother.


Meanwhile some terrible truth about this clinic is stumbled upon when Michael discovers some specimen animals in jars, looking at him. A few are released when he's startled and trips. The survivors  embark on a cure when a doctor gets a face full of zombie blood.


This is a Belgian film with subtitles but is partly in English. Great beginning scene! Extremely graphic and gory. Great zombie transformations, nice zombie acting and kill moments I've never seen before and by nice, I mean horrific. Nudity. Spoiler: <Warning gents. A man boils his penis, sets it on fire and fights zombies trying to find a doctor to put it back on when the head falls off.> It's that kind of horror. It's brutal and good! They showed us something different and exciting! Plenty of jump scares, heinous kills and gore. The physical effects are wild!! But the end is sad. Well done!