Macabre...ish Horror Review: Zombeavers




Zombeavers, 2014/ 85 min


A barrel of toxic chemicals fall out of a truck and into a river, traveling down stream and perforates on a beaver dam.


Meanwhile 3 sorority sisters head to a cousin’s cabin, near the river! No wifi, no cell service or guys but a weird neighbor, plenty of bears and that, now contaminated, dam.


They first cross paths with one of these gross zombie beavers when one of them is found in the bathroom and gets beaten in half by one of the uninvited boyfriends, who showed up anyway.


The then continue the vacation as if nothing happened and regret it as soon as they get in the lake. Oh and yes, they zombeavers can spread the zombeavirus to humans and the transformation is awesome! We have zombeaple and whatever you’d call a bear that’s infected with the zombeavirus.


Zombie beavers turned out to be a decent idea. And the zombie effects and tranformations are nice!! And these beavers are thinkers, which make them the most dangerous zombies. Very campy and overtly sexual, nudity and adult scenes. Plus Bill Burr is in this for a minute!! This was a fun zombie flick.