Macabre...ish Horror Review: Zombieland: Double Tap



Zombieland: Double Tap, 2019/ 99 min.



Ten years after the original, Tallahassee, Columbus, Little Rock and Wichita are back! And the same cast!! And they find their way to The White House and they make it home. At this point, Little Rock is over it and restless, she wants to be around people her own age and have her own family.


And after Columbus proposes to a seriously freaked out Wichita, she uses it as an excuse to take off with her sister, who then abandons her from a dumb wannabe hippy from Berkley...called Berkley.


And he is an anti gun the zombie apocalypse. He is armed only with his guitar and he’s on his way to Babylon. A pacifist, vegetarian commune.



While foraging in the mall Tallahassee and Columbus find a very ridiculous woman who lives in a freezer. So of course, Columbus invites her to The White, since Wichita and Little Rock have been gone for a month.



And then Wichita comes back and now it’s awkward and they’re off to Graceland to find Little Rock. And on the way the encounter some dopplegangers and some seriously evolved zombies, Ninjas (silent but deadly) and T800s (nearly impossible to kill) and fast as hell.



There are some cool new additions to the cast and the really helped make the movie fun. The quality is the same as the original and it’s a continuation. Good ending and continuation after the credits.