Macabre…ish Horror Review: Zomblogalypse



Zomblogalypse, 2022/ 1 hr 42 mins



A group has survived a decade after the zombie apocalypse and they have decided to celebrate the occasion by making a movie about it. This film will be an offshoot of what they already do everyday with their daily vlogs series.


They decide to make a fundraiser video to upload to the internet,the plan is to barter goods that they do not yet have, such as a bunker, a tank, a harvestor and tangerines etc. to get actors and crew for the film. So they post and a minute later, they reach their goal.


Other survivors arrive to their location to discuss the script, the deal and table read.

It’s kind of a disaster. People find out when they arrive that they are gonna build sets, costuming and that they will be using real zombies, die for real etc. But they change that when it’s found to be overwhelmingly unpopular. It’s all very haphazard and not well thought out.


On the first day of filming, there’s already one fatality during zombie safety training. It immediately went wrong when Brian didn’t read the call sheet and was immediately killed.


Then on the way to the location, they lose three more people. Everything about this movie is dangerous. Real zombies, real weapons and most of these people know nothing about film making and these issues are getting people killed.


After the group, Hannah (Hannah Bungard), Miles (Miles Watts) and Tony (Tony Hipwell) barely survive after losing most of their crew, retrieving the canned film from a now undead DP and get the film back to base, it is stolen by the producers (Andrew Dunne, Andrina Carroll) who have decided to ‘save’ the disastrous film.


Later on, while out and about, the three find a flyer of a screening of their movie and they decide to show up and steal it back.




This British mockumentary style film directed and written by Hannah Bungard, Miles Watts and Tony Hipwell. This is a zombie comedy and it’s pretty fun. Many of the effects are comically bad but it’s part of the gag. The humor ranges from crass to dry and dark, other effects are actually pretty good and gross. The zombie makeup is nearly non existent but it hardly matters, this movie is about the survivors of the apocalypse. This is not scary but there are quite a few kills. It’s a silly good time. If you liked Clerks, Grandma’s Boy, Zombieland and low budget zombie flicks, you might like this.

I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t know if I was gonna make it past the first 10 minutes but a decapitated penis and a raw chicken leg drone kept me in the game.